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🔥+ Heartburn Remedies 29 May 2020 Heartburn is an irritation of the esophagus -- the tube that connects your throat and stomach. It's caused by stomach acid. This leads to a burning discomfort in your ...

Heartburn Remedies Heartburn Sucks—and These 11 Foods Make It Way Worse ... a burger with raw onions compared to one without and found that the ... be sure to avoid any of the higher acid veggies like oranges, lemons, citrus, and tomatoes.

Therapy Acid Reflux Disorder

Most people venture into weight loss supplements or products because their experiences have led to no success. That’s understandable, and it is ok. One of these weight loss solutions that is commonly spoken about is Plexus Slim. Before starting any weight loss solution, it’s extremely vital that you first read the side effects, Plexus Slim included.

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim claims to help with weight loss.  It claims to help those who have either hit plateaus or need some help to achieve their weight loss goals.  They claim to be a healthy, natural solution that helps you keep the weight off for the long-term.  This product claims to burn fat, keeping blood sugar, lipids, and cholesterol at healthy levels,  curbs your cravings and reduces binge eating sessions.

Does Plexus Slim Have Any Side Effects?

Plexus Worldwide, the parent company owning Plexus Slim, claims there are no known side effects with their supplement. This is easy to claim, especially if you are trying to sell your product.

Heartburn Remedies Symptoms (☑ 10 Home Remedies) | Heartburn Remedies Heartburn Reliefhow to Heartburn Remedies for After reading countless reviews, forum posts, blog posts, we’re able to gather that for 1 last update 29 May 2020 there are in fact some side effects of Plexus Slim.After reading countless reviews, forum posts, blog posts, we’re able to gather that there are in fact some side effects of Plexus Slim.

The most common side effects of Plexus Slim include nausea, constipation, stomach pain, increase blood pressure, shakiness and elevated heart rate. These are not side effects which should easily be ignored. There have also been reports of damaged kidney functionality directly correlated with the use of Plexus Slim

Furthermore, the FDA has sent a warning letter to the owners of Plexus Slim, stating their concerns. You can read the letter here.

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Is Plexus Slim Dangerous?

With the variety of content available on the web dictating the dangers of Plexus Slim, you are left with your conclusions on whether or not this product is for you.

As an avid health nut, this is surely a product I would stay away from, most importantly because the ingredients are the typical fad ingredients, being nothing special.

With ingredients that are not all-natural, you aren’t too sure about what you’re putting in your body.

A well-known replacement for Plexus Slim as a weight loss supplement that has 100% natural ingredients is Slimfy. They have a Free 30-Day Offer.

If you want to do some research on some other weight loss supplements then check out BodyNutrition.org.

To Wrap This Up…

Plexus Worldwide is a company with thousands of real reviews on for 1 last update 29 May 2020 the web. The majority of these reviews dictate that the company is a scam. I don’t personally believe it’s a scam as we recommend every do their own due diligence when deciding to try out a product. The company may have a product that doesn’t provide results, but it’s your choice on whether or not to try Plexus Slim.Plexus Worldwide is a company with thousands of real reviews on the web. The majority of these reviews dictate that the company is a scam. I don’t personally believe it’s a scam as we recommend every do their own due diligence when deciding to try out a product. The company may have a product that doesn’t provide results, but it’s your choice on whether or not to try Plexus Slim.

If I was searching for a legitimate weight loss supplement, Plexus Slim is something I would personally stay far away from.

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Plexus Slim, owned by Plexus Worldwide, has been around for a few years, being promoted by “Ambassadors”. These Ambassadors receive compensation in return for trying to bring individuals into the Plexus way.

Studies have shown that Plexus may cause more harm than good.

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  1. Cathbradish@comcast.net''Reply
    • Kristi
    • June 12, 2015

    Stimulant and side the 1 last update 29 May 2020 effects! The two times I’ve taken the recommended dosage of accelerator, I’ve had the jitters, big time….shaking, racing heart, etc….something I’ve NEVER experienced before taking this!Stimulant and side effects! The two times I’ve taken the recommended dosage of accelerator, I’ve had the jitters, big time….shaking, racing heart, etc….something I’ve NEVER experienced before taking this!

  2. jkheck@yahoo.com''Reply
    • Heather Balent
    • February 1, 2020
    Reply Reply

    I had a SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION to Plexus Smin and Probiotic 5. My lips swelled huge. My breathing was compromised to the point of having to be on Prednisone for a month to get rid of the reaction. I broke out in a horrible rash and my inner ears and throat were horribly itchy. It was very very scary. An ambassador pushed and pushed and pushed to get me to try it and when I finally gave in and tried it I ended up sicker than I’ve ever been.

  • Rlglover66@yahoo.com''Reply
    • Marti Hathaway
    • February 13, 2017

    I started this, because my sister sales it . I took it one day and I threw up afterwords and it felt like I had the flu. I think that I might be allergic to it. I am unsure about this dietary supplement.

  • Heartburn Remedies GERD Diet (👍 Heartburn) | Heartburn Remedies Foods To Eat And Avoidhow to Heartburn Remedies for alicia.garcia.191@gmail.com''Reply
    • Michele
    • May 14, 2019

    This is old information. There was one ingredient that made it not sellable in Canada & Australia. That itwas was removed a long time ago. And Plexus is now sold in both countries.
    As with all supplement plans… it’s not for everyone & everyone looking at purchasing should always take the ingredients lists to their doctor to make sure it’s ok for them to take. Plexus isn’t dangerous. Big name pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous.

  • Heartburn Remedies 10 Home Remedies (🔥 Causes) | Heartburn Remedies Instant Heartburn Reliefhow to Heartburn Remedies for mgtgjoy@centurytel.net''Reply
    • Susan
    • April 1, 2017

    Heartburn Remedies Diagnosis (👍 Diet For) | Heartburn Remedies Heartburn Relief Foodshow to Heartburn Remedies for Tried a little of it, off and on for one day. The next morning my memory was impaired. I won’t touch it again!

    1. Reply

      Sorry to hear that Susan. Many people have reported dizziness while supplementing with Plexus Slim. We have some other great, all-natural recommendations you might be interested in. A popular supplement our readers enjoy is Slimfy.

      1. joanella4@msn.com''Reply
        • Debbie
        • June 16, 2019

        I started it 5 days ago and had severe diarrhea and flu-like symptoms very nauseous shakes insomnia hope it goes away soon

  • Bethfisher85@gmail.com''Reply
    • Genie
    • May 23, 2017

    Has anyone else reported this?
    I’m having the same problem.

    1. karmilli2003@yahoo.com''Reply
      • Northa W Sanchez
      • July 6, 2018

      Beth, I’m reading all these replies because a good friend sells Plexus and said it did great things for her and friends with serious immune system diseases and health issues from car accidents, etc… However, I am a very skeptical person as I have a pantry full of products “as seen on TV”! In my 56 yrs of live I’ve always heard that “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is”!!!!!!! After reading review after review, I’m thinking 100% that the Plexus products is definitely too good to be true! Please always remember that little saying. It also applies to a lot of things in life!

  • Motor7836@gmail.com''Reply
    • Karen
    • May 16, 2017

    I tried this out for 2-4 weeks, developed really sharp pains in stomach , actually went to Dr to see if there was anything wrong, Dr said everything came back ok , but felt sick to the point I didn’t want to eat anything . So it does work , but not the way it should work

    1. amywork@live.com''Reply
      • MIchelle
      • June 1, 2017

      I’ve only drank 3 packets and considering stopping it after reading reports from everyone else. I have been extremely tired the past few days and feel weak in my legs. I have no motivation to do anything. Adding plexus to my day is the only thing I have changed in my daily routine.

    2. kathyhuntwilson@hotmail.com''Reply
      • Liz
      • August 19, 2019

      After stopping it how long did it take you to feel yourself again. I took it for Three Days and this morning I felt terrible and still not 100% feeling well.

  • debrade57@comcast.net''Reply
    • K
    • July 8, 2017

    What in Plexus Slim makes me itchy?

    1. Tk4watts@yahoo.com''ReplyTk4watts@yahoo.com''Reply
      • Trina
      • July 9, 2017

      Just a heads up for nursing moms…I took the triplex combo for 5 days and my milk drastically decreased. Many said it was great for nursing, and now I’m loosing my milk. My baby’s 3 months old. I’m so so devastated. Plus on top of that I feel like crap!! needless to say I’m done with plexus.

      1. miami33190@yahoo.com''Reply
        • Linda Joy
        • July 16, 2017

        I would never ever try any of this stuff all they want is your money . Eating healthy is the way to go.

        1. crackedpotts@gmail.com''Reply
          • Rebecca barnes
          • July 29, 2017

          I get severe the 1 last update 29 May 2020 stomach cramps. I am done with it.I get severe stomach cramps. I am done with it.

        2. svanahgirl129@gmail.com''Reply
          • Sherry
          • September 9, 2017

          Heartburn Remedies 10 Foods (🔴 Natural Heartburn Remedies) | Heartburn Remedies Treat GERDhow to Heartburn Remedies for Ive used Plexus for one month… since then I have mouth sores that will not go away. HAs anyone else experienced this?

          1. larsenmeaghan@gmail.com''Reply
            • Gina
            • May 1, 2018

            My lips are doing the same thing! Bee drinking Plexus Slim for a month. I think I’ll end up stopping it…I like the energy but my lips feel so chapped and dry. Even looks like a small rash in the corners of my mouth.

            1. cathydietsch@yahoo.com''Reply
              • Anonymous
              • August 6, 2019

              Hi im a newby ive taken it about 2 weeks. Sometimes ive been unable to due to how violently ill i was. I had bloated so bad it looked like i was 9 months prego extreme extreme pain screaming out in pain. Very bauseas body pains chills bad gas and diarrhea! Unable to think or remember. Unable to even cook my family dinner i thought i had the flu. Im dine im stopping today. My cousin takes it and is having kidney failure now i know why! Damn you plexus!!!!

          2. Ceannamartinez93@gmail.com''Reply
            • Carleen Wade
            • January 29, 2020

            I have taken plexus slim for about six years I have had absolutely no side effects and it was a life changer for me it took me through menopause I am now experiencing a side effect of a severe dry mouth and my doctor and dentist told me to quit taking it to see if it made a difference other than that I have had incredible results with it

      2. Kwimmy42@gmail.com''Reply
        • Rhonda Jennings
        • July 25, 2019
        Heartburn Remedies Home Remedies (☑ Heartburn Relief) | Heartburn Remedies Causeshow to Heartburn Remedies for Reply

        The company will reimburse you fully…they are great to work with.
        I have been on it for 10 months and have lost 64 pounds. However, I cannot take accelerator because of heart racing. They refunded the full price to my Plexus debit card and didn’t require a return of the product.

  • Heartburn Remedies 10 Foods To Eat (👍 Foods To Eat And Avoid) | Heartburn Remedies Herbshow to Heartburn Remedies for Irishgalmi@comcast.net''Reply
    • Mary L Beard
    • October 9, 2017
    Heartburn Remedies Foods To Avoid (☑ How To) | Heartburn Remedies 6 Natural Remedieshow to Heartburn Remedies for Reply Reply

    I have been using this product now for 2 months and for the last 6 weeks i have felt nausea and i at first was gassy,constipated to the other extreme diaharia…I thought at first a stomach virus but gone on too long….it was the Plexus Slim….my ambassedor….told me all natural products….NOT…full of chronium and caffeine……i am on the road to recovery…healthy diet and exercise only way to go

  • raeldend@gmail.com''Reply
    • Christina
    • December 13, 2017

    Heartburn Remedies Without Medication (🔥 Naturally Treat) | Heartburn Remedies 11 Foods That Causehow to Heartburn Remedies for I took Plexus Slim, BioCleanse5, Pro-Biotic, and Edge. In addition to seeing no results I have had terrible side effects. The Edge made my heart race, BioCleanse gave me diarrhea, and the new Slim made me shaky and weak, like I had real low blood sugar.

  • susan.jones36701@gmail.com''Replysusan.jones36701@gmail.com''Reply
    • Sandy
    • July 7, 2019

    I took Bio Clense and had diarrhea at least ten times for 1 last update 29 May 2020 a day. Then I came down with diverticulitis. I’m wondering if some of the fecal matter just got stuck in my intestines because there was so much of it. I poured the bottle down the garbage disposal.I took Bio Clense and had diarrhea at least ten times a day. Then I came down with diverticulitis. I’m wondering if some of the fecal matter just got stuck in my intestines because there was so much of it. I poured the bottle down the garbage disposal.

  • jenniferliebi@aol.com''Replyjenniferliebi@aol.com''Reply
    • Ron
    • March 14, 2018
    Heartburn Remedies 10 Foods To Eat (👍 7 Natural) | Heartburn Remedies Heartburn Reliefhow to Heartburn Remedies for Reply

    All I had heard and read from my friends was how wonderful Plexus Slim was so, in spite of my reservations, I took the leap three months ago. At the time my A1C was at 6.2 and had been trending downward (by the way, down is good). Just last week I had it checked again – 7.2. Yikes. the only change in that three months has been Plexus. I think I’ll quit and see what happens.

  • lindastresenreuter@yahoo.com''Reply
    • Leah
    • April 10, 2018

    I’ve been using Slim, ProBio5, BioCleanse and Ease for just shy of 3 months. I’m a big reader and believer in gut health, I’ve always taken probiotics (just didn’t realize there are very important differences between them that most of us don’t know about) and I’ve been living Primal Blueprint since 2012 (low inflammation/low insulin production lifestyle), so I know very well how my body reacts to different than normal every day things. The only ‘detox’ symptom I’ve experienced is about 2 weeks (at about 6 weeks in) of more frequent and looser bowel movements than I’m used to. BioCleanse was definitely behind that, so I’ve dropped my dose to 3 per day instead of 4. I do find that if I take Slim after noon, I am awake far later in the evening, but that’s to be expected – the amount of green coffee bean extract in it is probably just enough to affect me more at 5ft tall 110lbs. (Same way one cup of caffeinated coffee after 2pm will keep me up until 2am!) So, all of this to say, 100%, the products will not work the same way for every person. Some experience great things (I consider myself one of those and plan to keep using them for at least another 3 months before I get a good read – but again, I’ve been taking various supplements for years, knowing that I can’t possibly eat 100% perfect all the time…I like (all) food waaaaaay too much! But not all food is good for me!…so vitamins and probiotics have always been a part of my life. The reason I choose to live Primal Blueprint is because I’m a believer in the affects of inflammation in my body. So, believing that Slim helps with blood sugar regulation is just a bonus for me, but knowing it has a prebiotic in it is the extra bonus. Yes, I signed up as an ambassador, but I’m a cheap bugger and hate spending money – I like discounts!! but I don’t sell the product. I’ve definitely told some friends in my life about it when they’ve told me about some health issue they are having (like energy, or intestinal issues), but I’ve also said to research gut health and microbiome in general and if they have questions they can ask me about the supplements I take. Anyway, just wanted to share another perspective.

  • Cwood@sabelsteel.com''ReplyCwood@sabelsteel.com''Reply
    • Aaa
    • June 11, 2018

    Has anyone got a face rash from triplex?

    1. amyald@hotmail.com''Reply
      • Mlightfoot
      • June 22, 2018

      I have had tremendous success regarding my A1C with the slim pink. I don’t use any of the other supplements but I find myself energized when I have my drink. It doesn’t work for everyone , those that talk about the dizziness may want to check their blood sugar . It has helped me control mine greatly and will continue to drink the slim pink. Again, it is not for everyone.

    2. leelb@mymts.net''Reply
      • Deborah
      • August 18, 2018

      I tried the Triplex and in the first 30 days, my very extreme hot flashes went away! Then, I stopped using the product and they returned within 2 weeks! I knew it was the Plexus that helped me! So went back on it and now I’ve had weight-loss, all my allergies are completely gone, I sleep like a rock, I have sustained energy, my bad cholesterol is normal, w/no meds, all my lipid panels are good! I haven’t had a cold or flu in over 1 year! I’ve been exposed to some really sick people and was sure Id get sick, but didn’t! These other stories concern me because we don’t really know if they are drinking enough water and/or how long they have taken the product and were given a chance to work? I know people in Plexus and the CEO and President, they are good people with incredible integrity, who very much care about the health and wellness of others!

    3. Maryannmartin25@Gmail.com''Reply
      • Tam
      • March 15, 2019

      I have been on plexus for 2months and this last 2weeks have been feeling absolutely terrible, i have constant cramp like feelings in my legs and aching joints. 2 nights ago i had severe upper right pain under my ribs and back that lasted for a couple of hours and it has now settled to a dull ache, i am feeling so tired, jittery and achy all over and feel lilke my heart is racing . Should i go to doctor or just stop taking plexus. Scared i have damaged my liver or kidneys. Has anyone else felt like this?

      1. tammy.shane2@bigpond.com''Reply
        • Natalie Clyde
        • January 14, 2019

        Any one experience red swollen hands and feet? Hot and red? Itchy.

        1. cathydietsch@yahoo.com''Reply
          • Marsha Bradford
          • January 15, 2019
          Heartburn Remedies GERD Diet (⭐️ Home Remedies) | Heartburn Remedies Heartburnhow to Heartburn Remedies for Reply

          I on;y took Plexus Slim for 3 days, first day wasn’t too bad, but, then I started having vicious headaches. I checked my BP, as mine tends to elevate easily, and my BP was 180/109, NOT GOOD!! I have doubled up on my BP meds, to no avail, I am going to have to go to an emergency medical clinic this morning! Let me stress, this was only 3 days that I took Plexus Slim! Never again, and I would warn others to not take this product! The girl that sold it to me, has had great results, but it is certainly not for everyone, esp me, it would seem

        2. kneuvar@suddenlink.net''Reply
          • Sue
          • October 28, 2019
          Reply Reply

          Heartburn Remedies Quick Relief (👍 Heartburn Relief) | Heartburn Remedies Diet Changes Forhow to Heartburn Remedies for Plexus has ALA (alpha Lipoic acid) in it. It is a “chelator” of heavy metals. If you have mercury amalgam fillings (most of us do) or (other heavy metals ) ALA moves it around and we suffer severe symptoms. ALA should only be taken (with the safe removal of amalgam fillings) and on its half life of 3 hours. This information Is following the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol.
          Plexus is making us sick.

        3. emerson25741@gmail.com''Reply