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How To Use Wedge Pillow Gerd Acid reflux, hiatal hernias, vomiting, complications from radiation ... people with esophagitis do well with soft scrambled eggs or egg substitutes.

Reducing Gerd Symptoms
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I pass on to all of you with the severe gerds and treatment with many of the ppi prescriptions, I have had nearly all of them with very little effect and after several yrs of these treatments I acquired nearly fatal c.diff infection. The ppis interfere with the stomach flora and the intestines are subject to infection which is difficult to treat. Many doctors are starting to realize this side effect as I have learned. However I am taking a product before meals called Dicetel (a bromide Rx) and it works much better and the oral ulcers are better with B12 and zinc suppliments.
I’ve had reoccurring mouth ulcers for about 12 years . And I have realized , that was about the same time I was diagnosed with Gerd ! But I never put two and two , together . I was put on a medicine for the Gerd , but since I only have one kidney , (with problems) . I can’t take the meds prescribed. I’m hoping my dr can find something for my problems . Surgery will probably be the next step.
Helen Fogleman 1 December 17
Xylimelts for Dry Mouth can help reduce acid reflux and heartburn at night according to this study in the Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System.
Dom Walton 11 October 17
My brother had ulcers in his mouth from acid relux since he was a baby. One day in his senior year of high school, my mother gave him vitamins daily ( A, B, D, E, L-Lysine). After a month he noticed he hadn''m having the feeling of something stuck in my throat and the metal taste in my mouth along with not what I would cause ulcers, but a rash on the roof of my mouth. It was a great 10 years of no symptoms.
Leisa 20 February 17
I have had terrible throat ulcers for the past 8 years. I tried everything, but to no avail, to get rid of them. Very large Aphthous ulcers that were very, very painful. I went to doctors who prescribed antibiotics, etc., but nothing helped except a dental paste that I could sometimes apply if I could reach the ulcer. I finally noticed that I was getting ulcers on the right side of my throat when I slept on my right side and ulcers on the left side of my throat when I slept on my left...and ulcers in the back of my throat when, you guessed it, I slept on my back. I had no other symptoms of GERD, such as heart burn, except for the ulcers. I went to my doctor and told him what I had discovered and he prescribed Nexium 40 mg. once a day. NO MORE ULCERS! I also noticed that whenever I got a steroid shot for Bursitis, if I had any ulcers, they would clear up in a day (just a side note). I have stopped sleeping on my right side, since the ulcers I got on that side seemed to settle towards my ear and were worse than the others (and I still get one occassionaly even with the Nexium if I do this). I also sleep slightly elevated to keep any stomach acid from creeping up into my esophagus. Anyway, I just wanted to share my success if it might help anyone. Regards~
Lisa 28 July 16
I am healthy 22 year old. I have started a vegan diet about 6 months ago and eat fairly healthy. One night I was forced to eat pizza as my parents believed I was taking the vegan diet too seriously and have not been able to get the healthy benefits of dairy. I had two pieces that night and had some trouble right away and felt like something was stuck in my throat. I drank water and just walked it off. The next day I had some spicy curry and towards the evening started having sharp pains in my chest and so rushed to the ER thinking I might be having a heart attack. The doctor did an ECG and an X-ray and said everything looks good and its probably reflux. I was given pentaprazole magnesium (40mg) and was sent home. The pain continued on and off for the next week so I saw my family doctor who advised to double dose for a week. I was starting to feel like it was going away and after the one week double dose switched back to normal dosage and I started to notice a lot of saliva in my mouth after eating. No chest pains this time just saliva and the feeling of something being stuck in my throat. The symptoms quickly go worse and I was unable to swallow. I was put on PPI (60 mg) once a day and the symptoms of constant burning throat, excess saliva in mouth and sore throat seem to subside in a week. I still have difficulty swallowing and feel like the food is slowly moving through esophagus and the chest pain is there on and off. My question is will I ever be completely symptom free? Am I going to develop barrets esophagus?
Shmi93 3 July 16
I am faceing mouth ulcer from last three day on and off .i have used omepraOle .at beging ulcers got better but now no effect of omeprazole ...
shahid awan 22 June 16
I have had acid reflux for about 10 year''d tend to drink and eat in the evening which probably made the whole thing worse and it became a vicious circle. I''ve been OK, trying to avoid any food or caffeine late and avoiding alcohol mid week. Also not drinking any fluid one hour before bed seems to help me, I guess the emptier the stomach before bed the better, makes perfect sense now but I''re suffering consider GERD as being the reason and see if Omeprazole and/or lifestyle changes can help. Hope this post helps somebody.
Charles 5 February 16
I have pretty bad GERD and yes, recurring mouth ulcers. There has to be a link.
Connie 8 December 15
I''ve had them for a longer period (several weeks). Went to see several doctors and they all said that they were canker sores. Take D3, relieve your stress, eat better. Did a lifestyle change and this seemed to have alleviated it to a point but I still have a few. Then it hit me that this could be related to acid reflux (I also have a constant sore throat which is a symptom of acid reflux). Another thing I noticed was a strange sensation in my mouth similar to having excessive acid. I think my stomach is producing extra acid during times of stress and I probably have a leaky stomach valve. I will try and take some Zantac or Prilosec and see if this helps. I''m just dropping in because of the same problem. I have frequent issues with reflux, but I also I wanted let you guys in on something I found out recently. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause mouth ulcers, and B12 deficiency can be caused by frequent use of medications for acid reflux. B12 deficiency is a big deal, too because it can eventually cause symptoms that mimic Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer''s office, but if you wait.the too long, the symptoms can become irreversible. I know because I developed Narcolepsy because of prolonged B12 deficiency. I''re definitely at risk so why take a chance? Don''m on the ppis 20mg omeprazole per day. The problem is I''t, it spoils it for everyone else, and they will be deleted.

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